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mikes cigars

This cigar online shop review features Mike’s Cigars, a brick and mortar cigar shop located in North Miami Beach, FL. A premium cigar bar and lounge, Mike’s Cigars features all the amenities you’d expect.

Amenities include flat screen TVs, WiFi access, large walk-in humidor, full service bar, and plush lounge furniture for the ultimate cigar enthusiast.

Mikescigars.com is an ultra comprehensive cigar online shop for cigars and accessories. While I shop several shops online, the structure of this site is very user-friendly, with big colorful banner ads and product displays.

Like several other prominent online cigar shops, the banner ads and product displays contain concise information to shopper from what the promotion or featured product is, to what the overall savings entail.

Cigar Online Shop Review- Homepage Site Entry

cigar online shop review

Mikescigars.com Homepage Screen

When entering the homepage of Mikescigars.com, the top toolbar displays access to your account information, as well as ‘Checkout’ and ‘Shopping Cart’ portals.

FYI, upon placing orders on cigar online shops, you will be prompted to set up an account when proceeding to make a purchase onsite.

It is appropriate that Mike’s Cigars also provide a portal for ‘Tracking Orders,’ which isn’t a tool you see on many merchant sites.  Typically, instructions on tracking orders are provided in a confirmation email after placing the order.

Below the top toolbar, the user is presented with the ability to search cigars by ‘Brand’ in a drop-down box.  When selecting this option, the user is directed to a landing page with a listing of hundreds of cigars by brand.

Cigar Online Shop Review- Main Menu Toolbar

The Main Menu Toolbar consist of the following categories:

  • Cigars:
    • The cigar search list is alphabetized by brand but can be also searched or filtered by strength, ring size, origin, length and wrapper.
  • Cigar Samplers:
    • Mike’s Cigars’ custom 5-cigar samplers are offered in 5, 10, 20, and 50-cigar packs.
    • There are over 180+ custom samplers appropriately named for any cigar enthusiast’s interest.
  • Humidors:
    • Often when visiting cigar online shops, humidor options are limited to a few options for each tier (case, travel humidor, and desktop).
    • However, Mike’s Cigars provides dozens of humidor options from 2-finger and 3-finger cigar cases for everyday travel to floor standing humidors with a 1,250-cigar capacity.
  • Cutters & Lighters:
    • Shopping cigar cutters and lighters typically isn’t that tall of a task when shopping these cigar accessories online where options are limited.  This is not the case on Mikescigars.com.
    • Cutter options range from guillotine and grip cutters to V-cut and punchers. Cigar lighters consist of single to quad flame torch lighters.
    • Cool styles and designs consist of custom cigar manufacturer cutters and lighters, and reputable cigar accessory companies, such as Colibri and Xikar.

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Shopping Cigars by Brand

cigar online shop review

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Mikescigars.com has one of the most intuitive cigar shopping experiences online.  Even if the user is only searching cigars, their cigar brand list is robust.

When searching cigars online by brand, the first thing you should look for is the cigar profile. The profile should provide an image of the cigar.

Along with an image, the profile should include the following:

  • Country of Origin
  • Wapper
  • Binder
  • Filler
  • Strength (Profile)
  • Shapes/ Sizes

After the cigar profile, there should be a cigar overview (or description) that often contains information on how the cigar was made, the cigar manufacturer, or other pertinent information specific to the uniqueness of the brand.

The overview will also speak to the flavors (or notes) that are experienced when smoking the cigar, but you will not get that on this site.  While I find this to be a great benefit to researching cigars, you can research this information offsite if you feel the need to.

The last component of the cigar brand landing page will be the cigar deals themselves.  These are typically offered in single, 5-pack, or box groupings, and will sometimes have 3 or 4-pack groupings.

Special deals and offers such as free cigars gifts will be displayed here too, such as “receiving 10 free cigars with a box order,” or “free cigar accessories” with specific order criteria.

Shopping Cigar by Sampler

Shopping by ‘cigar sampler‘ is absolutely my favorite offering in conducting this cigar site review of Mikescigars.com. While other cigar online shops will offer samplers of different cigar counts, it isn’t always clear how the cigars were paired, or the groupings aren’t always desirable.

cigar online shop review

Mikescigars.com Shop by Cigar Sampler

Another issue I often find is when a cigar online shop may offer a “Build-a-Sampler” option, the user is presented with different tiers of limited cigars to choose from.  Mike’s Cigars has seemed to nail a solution to these dilemmas.

They offer over 180+ sampler options to choose from.  Sampler options consist of 5 cigars that have been grouped with a purpose.  This purpose is clear in the customized theme of the samplers.

For example, after sifting through every sampler grouping, I found my favorite to be the ‘You Had Me at Cigar.”  As an added bonus, the samplers are offered in 5, 10, 20, and 50- count groupings were the saving increase with the more you purchase.

Also, as they do when shopping by brand, Mike’s Cigars offer ‘free’ deals and offers for purchasing specific 20 or 50 pack samplers, in addition to the “big-box” discounts already applied.

Mikescigars.com- Final Verdict

Although this is only the second cigar online shop review published on cigardealfinders.com to-date, I have reviewed and shopped several cigar online shops, and it’s fair to say Mike’s Cigars ranks near the top.

Below is Cigar Deal Finder’s five-point rating system used when performing a cigar online shop review.

  • User Experience/ Navigation: 5.0
    • The homepage layout is uncluttered and the user is presented large, visual banners for featured deals and promotions when scrolling down the page.
    • A ‘Quick Links’ scrolling widget (scrolls down the right-hand rail of the page) is also a cool feature for the user to quickly jump to other categories within the site.
  • Site Structure: 4.5
    • The toolbar menu is concise and specific to the user’s preference of search categories.  I rated Mike’s Cigars a 4 because I feel that drop-downs could be used more here, for the user to filter searches right away.
    • The footer of the page is full of one-click actions to provide an added search dimension for the user without having to scroll back to the top of the page or engage the ‘Quick Links’ widget.
  • Products: 5.0
    • While several cigar online shops provide a large selection of cigars and cigar samplers,
    • They have perhaps the largest selection of humidors, cutters, and lighters. These products are presented in a vast array of styles, sizes, and colors to enhance any cigar enthusiast home collection.
    • When conducting this cigar site review, my favorite part of the site is the ‘Cigar Samplers’ portal.  There are literally more than 180+ cigar samplers to choose from.
    • It is also an added bonus to have the option of purchasing in 5, 10, 20, and 50-cigar groupings.
  • Account Setup: 5.0
    • Account setup is super easy and fast, with the standard information required when registering to a cigar online shop. The user also have the ability here to subscribe/ unsubscribe to email blasts, mail catalog, and monthly newsletter.
  • Purchase/ Checkout: 3.5
    • Purchase and checkout is pretty routine on Mikescigars.com.  There are promotions for free shipping that is typical on most online cigar shops when the consumer reaches a certain spend threshold.
    • However, for smaller orders I found shipping to be a bit on the high end, even for standard shipping.
  • Total Site Rating:  4.6

Final verdict! Mikescigars.com should definitely be added to your list of go-to cigar online shops.  For your shortcut to access featured deals and savings on Mikescigars.com, GO HERE!!

I hope you have found the cigar site review of Mikescigars.com enjoyable.  If you have any questions or want to leave your own point of view, I encourage you to leave comments below.

cigar online shop review

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Bearcat Phil

Phil is an digital marketer an a cigar enthusiast, marketing great deals on top brand cigars and accessories. Check out his site at cigardealfinders.com.


  1. Hi Phil,

    How are Mike’s Cigar Shop’s shipping policies? Is there a minimum order? Is there any limitation depending on what state I am in? Is there a price point where I can get free shipping or is there always a fee? How fast is the shipping? As a modern consumer shipping is just as important as the product nowadays.

    • Hey Tony! 

      Mike’s Cigars, like several other online shop, will normally give you free shipping on orders over $150.00 or so.  The exception would be special promotions and offers.  Currently, Mike’s Cigars have a coupon code ‘freeshipping,’ which will give you free on order $100+.  

      As I wrote in my site review, normal shipping rates are a little higher although I always aim to meet the free shipping threshold.  Their Super Saver shipping rate is $6.99, at 5-7 days delivery (non-guaranteed).  This is just a disclaimer as orders should ship by the 5th day.  

      Hope this helps and if you have any other questions about shopping cigars online, about a particular brand, or anything cigars, just let me know.



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