Famous Cigars Smoke Shop Review

Famous Cigars Smoke Shop is one of the largest cigar mail order businesses in the United States.  They primarily in the retail and wholesale of cigars, humidors, and cigar accessories through mail order catalogs, and brick and mortar retail shop.

Famous-smoke.com was first published in 1997.  They sell specialize in selling premium cigars, accessories, lighters, cutters, humidors, and other cigar accessories at discount prices below retail value.

When first visiting Famous-smoke.com homepage, the user are greet with a scrolling mass header featuring top promotions and deals.

Here, the user can begin the shopping process by clicking through on one of these banners, but there are four more featured deals below the mass header.

It is also at the landing page where a category widget is available for the user to shop by:

Famous Cigars Smoke Shop

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  • Famous Cigars Smoke Shop ‘Brands, List:
    • Cigars– Alphabetized list of cigars categorized by brand
      • Packages– Boxes, Bundles, 10-pack, 5-pack, etc.
      • Samplers-‘Best of,’ Top Brand, Create-a-Sampler
      • Strength– Mellow, Medium, Full bodied
      • Country– Nicaraguan, Dominican, Honduras, Mexican, American
      • 20 Cigars Under $20– Up to 75% savings on 20-cigar bundles
    • Humidification– Humidors, Hygrometers, and Humidifying Liquids
    • Cigar Accessories-Air Purifiers, Ashtrays, Lighters, Butane, Cigar Cutters, Pokers, and Holders
    • Tobacco– Bags, Cans, Pipes, Hookah Pipes
    • Coupons– Cigar Coupons and Deals, ‘Free Stuff,’ Offers, Free Shipping

Scrolling further, the user is presented with the option to shop by ‘Popular Cigar Brands,’ which if you are a cigar enthusiast or aficionado, is a quick transition to shop cigar deals by your favorite manufacturers.

Shopping Cigars on Famous-smoke.com

Famous Cigars Smoke Shop

Navigating at the ‘Cigars’ category brand level is a welcomed experienced.

For a seamless shopping process, there is a menu on the left side of the screen with various options to filter the search.

Categories in the homepage drop-down menu also contain subcategories offering search-filter options as well.

The first image on the ‘Cigars’ landing page is a massive banner for ‘Overstocked Cigars.’  Famous Cigars Smoke Shop offer deals up to 65% off boxes of premium cigar brands.

Next, there is a smaller mass banner featuring premium 3 to 20-cigar samplers.  This option offers the consumer a variety of cigar mash-ups for a variety of smoking experiences.

Famous Cigars Smoke Shop

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Samplers provide the opportunity to expand your cigar palate and portfolio, at great discounts.  It is also engaging to see deals as high as 66% savings on cigar samplers.

Famous Cigars Smoke Shop do a great job throughout their site displaying the savings generated on their offerings.  Savings are calculated typically from dividing their price per cigar (or product), by the retail price as a percentage.

Also, on Famous-smoke.com ‘Cigar’ category channel is a click-out to ‘Premium Box Sales’ with savings as high as 73%.

These box deals included top brand cigars such as Macanudo, Davidoff, Torano, and E.P. Carillo, to name a few.

Premium Humidors found on Famous-smoke.com

famous cigars smoke shop

Famous-smoke.com also sells  some of the more premium humidors on the market.  Like the ‘Cigar’ category filter, when you select ‘All Humidors’ from the homepage ‘Humidification’ filter you are presented on the landing page with robust left-hand side rail menu.

It is here you are able customize your search through several filters such as price, size, brand, color, and material.  You can also search Humidifiers, Hydrometers, and Humidor Trays here.

When I’m shopping online I prefer to keep my search broad to see everything in one feed to save time.  As I scrolled the landing page, I was presented with a catalog of small, medium, large, and travel humidors.

I encourage you to check out Cigar Deal Finders article on Choosing the Best Humidors for Cigars to understand not only the importance of cigar humidors, but the aesthetic benefits of featuring cigar humidors in the furniture layout of your home or office.

Whether you need the 3-finger cigar holder for a casual round of golf or a 400-cigar capacity humidor to display as the ultimate centerpiece in your home office or living room, Famous-Smoke.com has cigar humidors available up to 66% savings off retail.

Shopping Cigar Accessories

famous cigars smoke shop

When, entering the ‘Cigar Accessories’ category from the homepage of Famous-Smoke.com, you are presented with a plethora of items such as cigar cutters, punchers, ashtrays, lighters, holders, air purifiers, etc.  The left-hand rail on the landing page allows the user to filter search by price, brand, or rating.

If you are a walking cigar enthusiast or aficionado, you probably carry any of these items and whether it’s a Tommy Bahama cutter or Ed Hardy lighter, other cigar smokers seem to want to use your swag to add to their cigar experience.

Famous Cigars Smoke Shop has many cigar accessories to complement any cigar smoker’s style or swagger at savings as high as 66%.

Cigardealdinders.com helps to make shopping cigars online a lot easier.  To shop Famous Cigar Smoke Shop and other great deals online,  GO HERE.

Coupons and Offers for Big Savings on Famous-smoke.com

Another great feature on the category menu is an option to view all of the coupons and offers available on the site.  Such coupons and offers include free shipping, special offers, and “free stuff” on featured cigars and/ or accessories.

Everyone likes free stuff or bonus items when making retail purchases.  Famous Cigars Smoke Shop merchandising these incentives certainly enhances the shopping experience on their site.

Famous Cigars Smoke Shop Verdict

Bottom line, if you are a cigar enthusiast or a novice cigar smoker, you will enjoy both shopping premium cigars and accessories on Famous-smoke.com.

Site structure and navigation is comprehensive to the casual online user, and it is apparent that Famous Cigars Smoke Shop has been selling cigars online for quite some time.

I encourage you to buy cigars online to get great deals, and definitely employ Famous-smoke.com as one of your go to sites for purchasing top brand cigars and accessories.

To see some of Cigar Deal Finders featured deals for Famous-Smoke.com and other online shops, GO HERE!

Below is Cigar Deal Finder’s five-point rating system used when performing a cigar online shop review.

  • User Experience/ Navigation: 4.5
    • Homepage layout is uncluttered and user is presented large, visual banners for featured deals and promotions when scrolling down the page.
    • Toolbar menu is accessed from a drop-down box.  Personally I prefer a toolbar, so I know immediately what the search categories are.  However, when accessing the drop-down, the categories are specific and well organized.
    • Famous-smoke has over 60 sub-categories in the drop-down in which the consumer can filter their search.  While that seems to be a lot, it’s comprehensive enough to navigate with speed and precision, so that the consumer is not spending too much time researching products.
  • Site Structure: 5.0
    • From the homepage, I like the option to shop by ‘Popular Brands.’  I, like most cigar enthusiasts have my favorite brands of cigars, I sometimes immediately shop those first.  This feature is a great time saver for the consumer.
    • Below the first large scrolling banner are 4 smaller, yet visual promotional banners.  One of the banners is a promotion for ‘Close-out Deals,’ referencing over 130 offers.
    • Further down the homepage, Famous-smoke has a section serving as a site profile on what they offer site visitors who patron their site.
    • The footer of the page is space well used.  There is a toolbar for useful information such as additional site offerings, shipping rates, and contacting customer service.
  • Products: 4.5
    • I mentioned in the Mikescigars.com cigar online shop review that when shopping cigars by brand, there is typically a cigar description.
    • Famous-smoke does not provide much in terms of product description, but have video cigar reviews for many of the cigars.
    • Famous-smoke categorizes humidors, hygrometers, humidifiers all under ‘Humidification, from the drop-down menu.
    • Although they do offer a fair amount of premium humidors up to 100-cigar capacity, you will not find any humidors with a greater capacity on famous-smoke.com
  • Account Setup: 5.0
    • Account setup is super easy and fast, with the standard information required when registering to a cigar online shop. 
  • Purchase/ Checkout: 3.5
    • Purchase and checkout is pretty routine.  Several cigar online shops will often provide free shipping for orders over a certain spend threshold.  Famous-smoke mostly offer coupons and special offers for free shipping.
    • Shipping rates start out pretty moderate for economy or standard shipping, but will quickly escalate for priority mail options.
    • Keep in mind that there are certain restrictions for ordering butane online, so you will have to read Famous-smoke’s ‘Shipping Rates’ guidelines offered on the site.
    • It has been my experience that standard shipping has taken up to 5-6 days to receive an order, where other online shops timeline was closer to 3-4 days.
  • Total Site Rating:  4.6

Final verdict!  Famous Cigars Smoke Shop should definitely be added to your list of go-to cigar online shops.  For a shortcut to access featured deals and savings on Famous-smoke.com, GO HERE!

I hope you have found the cigar site review of Famous-smoke.com enjoyable.  If you have any questions or want to leave your own point of view, I encourage you to leave comments below.

Famous Cigars Smoke Shop








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  1. Cheech and Chong would be proud – all jokes aside, these cigars look fantastic. I wasn’t aware that there were so many accessories that go with cigar smoking in general, or that it was such a connoisseur persuit.

    What exactly is a hygrometer? I see the picture above, but it would be great to find out what some of these cool accessories are for!

    • Thanks Kegan.  There is so much cool information on cigars, I’m really enjoying the development of this site.  Thanks for the feedback



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