About Bearcat Phil

about bearcat phil

About Bearcat Phil

Welcome all cigar aficionados and enthusiasts to the one-stop source for great prices on top brand cigars and accessories from popular online cigar stores across the web.  There are so many options when buying cigars online, that it is too time consuming to cross shop all the great deals.  Here at Cigardealfinders.com, you can access many of these deals all on one site- with a host of great relevant content, to boot!


I have been a cigar enthusiast for the last 17 years, and there is just no other niche community where the networking and communal experience is organically kindled by a single, common interest.  I’m also an avid golfer, and there is nothing I enjoy more than a 4- 5 hour round of “bad” golf, with friends a few good cigars.

Through many great adventures with cigars, I’ve had the pleasure of smoking with celebrity entertainers and athletes, high ranking politicians, and other circles of interesting groups I just don’t encounter in my normal life.  While I do enjoy cigar shops and lounges, online stores have afforded me the opportunity to purchase cigars at great prices.  Also, there are many cigar brands that I’ve found available online, but not in any of my local cigar shops.


Over the years I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on great cigars and accessories, and cutting back to me only means one thing… spending.  Now that I’ve integrated purchasing cigars online to my cigar experience, I’ve been able to save thousands of dollars without compromising this cigar lifestyle I love.

Cigardealfinders.com was created for the vast community of cigar enthusiasts who share my experience.  With so many sites to buy cigars online, I often make a purchase online to only find that another site had an offer that I would’ve preferably spent my budget on. I want this community that I love, to  enhance their cigar smoking experience while saving thousands of dollars and valuable time.


The goal of this site is to have cigar aficionados and enthusiasts from everywhere, to have a one-stop source to save money and time, buying top brand cigars online.  I also, like to provide relevant information and great content to provide an enjoyable site experience, and spark great conversations that are prevalent in cigar smoking environments.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Phil Curry

Email: phil@cigardealfinders.com

Website: https://cigardealfinders.com

Bearcat Phil

Phil is an digital marketer an a cigar enthusiast, marketing great deals on top brand cigars and accessories. Check out his site at cigardealfinders.com.

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